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5 Gallons Of Diesel is a comprehensive sampling of visual elements associated with the ever evolving and always eclectic world of bassist/singer/songwriter Les Claypool. The DVD contains 3-1/2 hours of footage featuring Oysterhead, Colonel Claypool's Bucket of Bernie Brains, Sausage, Frog Brigade, Holy Mackerel, and more. It includes live performances, videos, behind the scenes footage, and other bonus material.

You can pre-order the DVD now and have it in your mailbox on the release date (extra shipping). Every one who pre-orders can get a one-year subscription to Relix magazine! Plus, you'll be entered into a contest where the winner will score a one of kind signed Claypool Dickies jacket (in your size.)

Pre-order 5 Gallons Of Diesel now!

Here is the complete track list:

1. Riddles Are Abound Tonight (video)
2. The Making Of Riddles
3. Prelude To Fear (live)
Holy Mackerel
4. Hendershot (live)
5. Shadow Of A Man (live)
Frog Brigade
6. Here's To The Man (live)
7. Running The Gauntlet (live)
8. David Makalaster (live)
9. Long In The Tooth (live)
10. Whamola (live)
11. Granny's Little Yard Gnome (live)
12. Ding Dang (live)
13. Buzzards Of Green Hill (live)
14. Opening Jam (live)
15. Encore Jam (live)
16. Tyranny Of The Hunt (live)
17. Scott Taylor (live)
Les Claypool
18. Riddles Are Abound Tonight (live)
19. The Awakening (live)
20. 3 Guys Named Schmo (live)
21. Buzzards Of Green Hill (video)
22. The Making Of Buzzards
23. The Recording Of Buzzards
24. Fly Fishing The World 2004 Idaho
25. Fly Fishing The World 2005 Quebec
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